Company Information

Reed Biotech Ltd is a high-tech biological company,  focusing on the field of biological immune protein research. We firmly believe in the philosophy of cyclic symbiosis between human and nature, and integrate it into our business and products. We Reed Biotech are committed to providing high-quality reagents and solutions for the global scientific research and medical industry, to promote the harmonious development of human and nature.


Reed Biotech® antibody line covers a variety of animal-derived second antibodies and polyclonal antibodies, we also provide customized services based on monoclonal antibodies. Our ELISA includes various types of immunoassay kits for human, mouse, rat and other species, covering a variety of detection indicators. Additionally our biochemical analysis comprises an assortment of enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) reagents, enzyme labeling reagents, chromogenic substrates, etc., which can meet customers' needs for the detection of various biomolecules. Our recombinant protein includes proteins from various species, such as human, mouse, and rat. And our immune-related reagents covers a variety of cytokines, cytokine receptors, signaling pathway, etc. We Reed Biotech have strict quality control in our products, all out-of-warehouse items must pass the GMP standard and ISO: 9001 to ensure products’ stability.


These products play an important role in the field of biomedical research. We focus on the quality and sustainability of the products, strive to reduce the impact on the environment, and actively participate in ecological conservation and sustainable development initiatives. In our R&D and production processes, we adopt advanced technologies and methods to minimize the consumption and pollution of natural resources. We strictly control the products production process to ensure the compliance of pro-environment, and actively promote greening production. We are actively conducting research to find environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternatives for our customers.


We have the R&D center and production lines in Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, also the sales and technical support centers around the world to better serve global customers. We always put quality first and strictly control the production process of the products to ensure that every step meets the highest standards. We not only focus on product quality, but also focus on providing superior pre-sales and after-sales service for customers. Our professional team is always ready to answer customers’ questions, provide technical support, to ensure that customers get the best experimental results when using our products.


We have a passionate and professional team with a wealth of experience. We employ knowledgeable and personable technical support team and customer service representatives. Our technicians, R&D scientists, logistics and sale representatives are working in the same building and sharing the necessary resources, to implement fast and effective solutions for any performance and non-performance related product issues. We work closely with our customers to explore solutions to achieve a better harmony between human and nature and to promote the sustainable development of biological research.


Our mission is to create value for our customers through innovation and continuous development. We continuously invest in R&D and technological innovation to maintain our leading position in the industry. We adhere to the principles of integrity, cooperation and win-win, grow and succeed with customers.


Reed Biotech Ltd adheres to the market concept of prioritizing customer needs as the key link, constantly innovating and pursuing excellence, while wholeheartedly providing customers with high-quality services and products. We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we can become one of the world-renowned suppliers of biomedical reagents.





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